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Give the Gift of Encouragement

I'm so excited for all of the new things that are going on the website. We have books, eBooks, workshops, courses, consulting, t-shirts and more. If you are looking for a gift for someone purchase a Gift card so they can get the empowerment they need. Shop our store today.

Here is what others have said:

  • You are such a great encourager! You naturally speak positivity and life into others. Your spirit brings a calmness and ease. You are great at coaching someone through tough times and pushing them to see the good in all situations!

  • Truly love your audio encouragement. Very enriching and empowering. You have such a pure heart and pure spirit in the things of God. So glad to be connected with you. God reward your faithfulness.

  • Ms. LaDonna!!! Amazing poetry book. Some of those poem speaks of me and my emotions. If I can't put anything to words I just read back over a particular poem and it explains it all. I can't wait for your next book to come out!!! On a serious note~ I love how you stay true to who you are. You're always the same everyday I see you and I love that. I don't always see real people like that. Anyway, I appreciate you and I thank you for the book and also for being there :) You're awesome! Love ya. See ya around

I love helping others!!!! Shop with us at #LaDonnaMarieBooks

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