Letters to My Little Sisters

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During this time, we have to help to empower young girls, young adults to learn more about themselves. This will help them to understand aspects of life. There are so many things, and questions that come up in our lives in general. That is good to have a guide to help answer those questions.

Here is part of an article I wrote in 2013, when focusing on helping the younger generation.

I often thought about writing letters to my younger self and calling them valuable lessons.

Poetry is the best gift I have been given, to keep me positive in this world, in which I grew up feeling alone. I always felt as long as I had a pen and a pad, all was well.

Starting to write at twelve and not knowing that it was poetry until two years later, I began to add my poetic flavor to life experiences. I also had my voice muffled by battling self-esteem issues and depression. Walking into my future, I gain so much introspect about the valuable lessons of my experiences. Poetry can be said my inspiration and my push forward. With the flip of my pen and my spiritual connection, I use my words to heal, bring awareness, and to start communication. See poetry to me Is the like the victory dance in the infield after touch down. It’s like the last basket you get in the game when the buzzer is going off, and you made the three points shot.

Poetry to me is that good feeling; writing does wonders for my mental escape. Being able to use positivity to go through life and expect a good, smile, and feel good, is new.  For so long I live in a life of confusion, from within I always had a desire to do better than where I stood. Traveling in my own journey consumed my heart so that now I'm reaching my hand back and bringing others up with me. My goals are to encourage and motivate and share some of my knowledge I gain over the years.  I am no longer operating out of old hindering patterns, I found that loving people where they are and approaching matters with genuine concern will go a long way.  I love working with people and others, so children have become my passion to help them to have a role model that will be compassionate enough to meet them where they are.

Coming soon. In this day and age it is important to help young girls and young women, be the best version of themselves. The author wrote the book to help pre-teens, teenagers and young adults to navigate throughout life’s circumstances and obstacles. In this book, the author produces solutions and positive encouragement to face life’s journey prepared.

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