I seek God for you

April 3, 2019


National Poetry Month

I Seek God For You

I dream many nights
about the day we will meet,
what you will look like
when our paths cross.
I think about how memorable you would be from the start, the person who was chosen for me,
the one who will add to my life,
uplift my spirits and we would work as one.
I seek for you.
I pray every night
for my strong, kind and honorable man.
I seek God for you and then He will grant me with a man who will love me as He does.
It is important for me to seek Him for you, for that is why my smile is everlasting.
My happiness fills the room;
it pours out of my heart.
Our foundation is rooted and united. We have a stand in Him,
for He is the glue that hold us together.
(C) 2015

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