I Am Beautiful

April 4, 2019


I AM Beautiful
I learned to see my beautiful
From being told so many times
I wasn't this or that.
I realize there are different shades,
And the Lord made different grades of
The beautiful African American woman;
Hence, I am one of them.
This is about how I found my beautiful.
See the words
That entered into my
Left a stain.
Were hurtful and not complimentary,
So I thought this
Dark shaded, little black girl
Was never going to be nothing more than
That nobody would see my beautiful
That I knew lived within my spirit.
I immensely invested myself
To get others to like me.
Searching for my guy
Instead of letting him find me;
Thinking it would fill my empty places,
But naturally the allure wore off.
I felt ashamed and heartbroken,
Turning my beauty into sadness
From being rejected and neglected.
My pain started a life inside my brain,
Slowly driving me insane.
Now beauty to me
Use to be skin deep.
I thought being myself for sure
Would cause my Mr. Right never to find me,
So I pushed and fought
And explained and explained
To the countless people who
Were on a short term visit.
Not thinking about eternity,
I stared days upon days in the mirror,
Looking at bloodshot, red, puffy eyes
Trying to figure out
Why can't they see
My beauty?
Then God said, "Child,
I made you
I see you
Even when the world's eyes choose to
Withhold blessings from thee.
My child, you are beautiful to me!"
Then I realized the
Promise He gave to me,
That I am beautiful
(C) 2014
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